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V8 landcruiser manual and Li jumpstarter

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V8 landcruiser manual and Li jumpstarter

Post by Stingray on Tue 27 Jun 2017, 9:06 pm

You may be interested in these… (and by the way I have no affiliation with either the products or companies)

Have you got a vdj v8 diesel workmate or 200 series? Ever try to find basic things on the motor - like the starter motor for example? Its not where you would expect!

Up until now the only option was to buy a workshop manual on DVD for big bucks. Well finally there's a printed manual just come out and it arrived the other day. It's not a 'proper' workshop manual - it's a Haynes but its great - probably 500 pages based on complete teardown and re-build. Covers petrol and diesel 76 to 200 series 2007-2016. The print quality of the pics is poor but its a lot better than nothing. Bought it online for about $45 delivered.

I also bought a 1000 amp jumpstarter. I was pretty dubious. It stated that it was 1000 amp, had an 18 Ahr Li battery, it even had a small air compressor and phone leads etc. with it! And it is in a little hard case. But it was only $149. Obviously too good to be true. Anyway I took a punt and bought one.  

I took the leads off the battery on my old man's 6.5 L chevy diesel and hooked this thing up to the leads.  The motor was cold but this thing had enough grunt to turn it over like a big battery would and it started immediately. We were all very surprised. The little compressor is great for pumping up bike tyres etc. I even put a couple of pounds into a wheel and it managed that OK. I bought another for my old man and his mate who was with us at the time and suitably blown away. I have no idea about quality etc but mine works a treat and is excellent value. In fact if you are electrically savvy you might even be able to make a GPX battery out of one? I'd be keen to hear from anyone who tries it.

In getting the link to post here I see they have gone up a bit in price.



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Re: V8 landcruiser manual and Li jumpstarter

Post by oneday on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 6:08 am

TRY REPLACING THE STEERING RACK in a 200 series.. if u don't have to take the motor out then good luck.


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Re: V8 landcruiser manual and Li jumpstarter

Post by boobook on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 6:17 am

Hey Stingray....I like your comment....where is the starter motor on a vdj v8?
Maybe the follow up would the hell does one change it?

Not quite like the old 1hz based 6 where its a 45min. job Smile

Over here in the E., plenty of farmers, contractors regretting getting into the new v8's. Inadequate fuel filtration, drowned alternators, leaky air cleaner boxes resulting in dusted motors........and lets not even mention the cost, even with an ABN!



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Re: V8 landcruiser manual and Li jumpstarter

Post by davsgold on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 5:57 pm

I got one of these 800ah ones of ebay, I seen it start a diesel Colorado the other day when the bloke left something turned on and when it was time to head back into town well you know it the battery was flat but one of the blokes had one of these and it started the vehicle no worries.

So I reckoned it was a good backup piece of kit.

cheers dave

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Re: V8 landcruiser manual and Li jumpstarter

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