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Post by oneday on Thu 23 Apr 2015, 12:09 pm

Most people r trying to compare the attributes of the 7 with those of the 5..two totally different machines acting totally different in performance and mannerisms.

we still read about prospectors not having a full grasp on the settings of their Z and the consequence to this is they get as keen as a dog with a bone and want to bag the machine befor they totally understand the behaviour of the Z.

if anyone is having problems trying to get the most out of their Z then ask rather than bag the machine..there usually is a quick fix to any problem and your dealer is usually the first port of call rather than making the forum a first call.. in my humble opinion, and failing that then JP will definitely set u up in the right direction..

however we shall continue to give out helpful info that may be usefull to u finding gold and having a good experience.

as we stated previously in another post --u still have to walk over gold to find doesn't magically jump out of the ground because it thinks that a Z is after it, mind u the Z will give u the best chance to find gold above and beyond any other machine that has been floating around the gold fields.


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