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pro swing 45

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pro swing 45

Post by oneday on Tue 12 May 2015, 7:16 pm

those of u that r swinging the 7k should make sure u set the harness up properly with both the supplied shafts in position on the harness and the spreader bar locked in.

This harness was put in with the 7k for a reason coz when set up properly its a breeze to swing the GPZ without too much fatigue being felt and the detector should be well balanced thus u should be able to swing the Z with your for finger and thumb.

If u r gripping the handle to swing the Z then u haven't got the harness set up to its Maximum benefit. As I said u should be able to swing the machine with a finger and a thumb.

The people who sold their machines because they couldn't handle the weight have only themselves to blame in my humble opinion and if they had set their harness up properly then I bet they still would be swinging their detector.

With over a thousand machines sold and the number is still growing and with only the occasional one for sale punters r either in hospital with sore arms awaiting surgery or quietly going about their business without the fan fair.

If u r going to do it--then do it right and enjoy the benefits.

I will see if we can get a few photos of what we r referring to.


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Re: pro swing 45

Post by Wedgetail on Tue 12 May 2015, 7:30 pm

I couldn't agree more Ray! But I haven't yet quite managed the delicate balance point of "finger & thumb"!

Set up the harness right and you'll be singing, "It ain't heavyyyy, it's my bipppppeerrr".

(Apologies to Alan Clarke and Graham Nash of The Hollies) Rolling Eyes

BUT,,,,,,,,,,there's that word again,,,,,,,,,,,the 7000 may not be heavy but it is a handful when trying to sort out a target. I can get on yer nerves badly sorting out small stuff in the mullock.

I like the machine even though we're no doing real well with right now. It will come and the fault is mainly the old patches we're on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and my luck just isn't there at present.

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