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GPZ in the pilbara

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GPZ in the pilbara

Post by Justdoit on Sun 31 May 2015, 10:26 am

GPZ 7000 what can I say, I love this detector. After getting off to a pretty slow start due to bad weather the week it arrived and struggling with the user manual. I thought I had done my dough. I was reading a lot of negative Feedback and was starting to regret my purchase.The machine hadn't been out a week and I was reading stuff like struggles with the mineralised soil in the Pilbara. On this day I was pacing around the house desperately waiting for the delivery of my new toy when the missus read out the horrible words (Struggles with the mineralised soil of the pilbara).  The detector arrived and off I went straight out to the soaking wet goldfields with no idea at all how to use this new super detector.I read the manual turned it on and away I went. The first thing I noticed was the amount of noise I could not get the thing to shut up. Over the next few outings I had nothing but trouble constant moaning the ground noise consumed me,left me feeling disillusioned and felt I had made a big mistake. After coughing up some serious cash I was coming home with a few crumbs and reading a lot of negative Posts on other forums,this is when I hit rock bottom.I had used the unit three weeks and I was ready to Sell it. Contacting other users in the district I was hearing mostly the same thing, and everyone had a different opinion on how to ground balance and set it up with no two people saying the same thing.I was distraught, and then I was put in contact with a true industry legend who quickly explained what I was doing wrong and the correct way to set up and ground balance the detector. Now this vital information was not in the manual, I  didn't even get a manual for the money spent it would of been handy to have one in the box. That is probably the only bad thing I can say about the unit, the un clear instruction on the correct way to ground balance the detector, as it is very different to previous models. From then on things changed and the gold started coming in, good nuggets that were clearly missed with the 5000. Every patch I went to I was surprised at what had been missed in the past, Places I assumed were worked out  started paying and nice bits to. Going home with good gold every trip I was loving life and and getting off to a great start to the 2015 season. My best nugget was a stunning 82 gram slug, had to knock off early that day and it  wasn't even lunchtime.  And as far as ( struggles with the mineralised soil of the pilbara) not in my area mate and I get around. Last week I went to a section of an old patch that was to noisy for the 5000 we had worked it hard and slow in the past with every coil I had. I drove in as another bloke drove out my first nugget was in less then a minute I started picking up crumbs on the surface on his footprints then hitting a 10 an 12 grammer at depth with clear bright signals. The area that was loud and unworkable with the 5000 was dead quiet with 7000 now a confident operator I had it  wound up  on the sensitivity and it was humming along nicely with a stable threshold. Gold was coming in nicely I left with  about an ounce and a half, my machine was now paid for. I just like to thank Jeff from reeds as his customer service though out my journey was second to none, unlike another Perth shop I dealt with in the past. And also to the true legend of prospecting who took the time to steer me in the right direction. With companies like Minelab it just reinforces how proud I am to be Australian thank you


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