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Post by oneday on Wed 08 Jul 2015, 3:23 pm

went away for a few days to catch up with a mate and also to put the 7K through a few paces;

I was able to run in Normal in High yield and General.
Sensitivity was as high as 13 and if it got too chattery-noisy back it down to as low as 8.

I got peed of picking up such small gold but at the same time I didn't mind, and one thing I didn't have to do was change down to say an 8" coil for more sensitivity.

if u have pumped up the sensitivity then be aware it will run noisy.

if all else fails do a restart on the machine and don't save the settings and work yah way up from there.

when I did get a u beaut signal and wasn't sure whether it was a hot rock or not --I would simply change the setting to Difficult and if it still went ballistic then I got excited.

Mind u I did leave behind a large rock for further inspection...

met a chap that was told to run his sensitivity flat out--but they forgot to tell him it will be very noisy and keep adjusting the sensitivity till it becomes manageable.

hope this helps


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