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finding gold

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finding gold

Post by oneday on Tue 28 Jul 2015, 6:31 am

I still hear reports the the 7K is finding a lot of small gold and that is correct--if u happen to be in an area that harbours the remains of lost treasure that other detectors have missed then u will find the remanets, However if u r looking for new ground or walking up old creeks without too much activity then there's every chance that u will nail some nice larger pieces.

I know of a lot of operators in the Pilbara that have found nice ounce pieces plus ---- these are operators that go to new areas or patches that are old and the area is good gravelly country were u can tell that the gold is deep.

recently we went to an old patch and that exact same scenario came to play, a deep seeking machine nailed a faint target which previous machines and operators missed in the side of a creek bed..

so the myth that the 7k only finds small gold is true however it also finds those elusive deeper targets which the ELITE coil doesn't utter a murmur. One has only to look at your stash of gold and see how many 1 oz pieces plus u had previously picked up prior to using the 7k..

don't forget that I will be down at FeNcLng Festival this weekend in Karratha-1st August if anyone wants to catch up --we will have a couple of flags flying--also have the SDC2300 and the GPZ7000 down there for anyone considering a game changer.

don't forget the SPECIAL with the SDC2300.



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