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coil assembly on the 7K

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coil assembly on the 7K

Post by oneday on Sun 13 Sep 2015, 4:30 pm

some people just don't read or see how things are put together right.

The blue tag on the coil needs to be at the front of the coil when u r swinging.

the reason for this is that the cable exiting the coil is angled back towards the shaft.
So when u fold the coil u don't happen to put undue stress on that cable thus causing it to break.

its not rocket science but some people just need a bit of special help.
Hate to see that coil go back under warrantee especially since they made a vid of digging a nugget and all was in plain view.

Most of the machines that we sell are pre assembled befor we give them to the happy punter who is forking out all that doe, then we give them a basic understanding of the functions and how to navigate once inside the settings. Then they get a written manual to be sure so they can read it in bed befor they venture out.. maybe we should have put a couple of young sheilas in the book to make sure everyone opens the manual..

have fun out there.


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