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rear drive shaft fell off.

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rear drive shaft fell off.

Post by wavehog on Mon 05 Oct 2015, 9:31 pm

The clutch in the disco was just about had it ,still it had done 250000 ks pulling boats and caravans and bush work.The spigot bush was totally destroyed so I got a new clutch put in it .Away we went for a week around Yalgoo for the long weekend . While I was packing the car and van ,I looked at the big tool box I always carried around and never used and thought I should leave the bloody thing home anyway I loaded it in the car and off we went .We went out on the second day to behind some ridges we were following ,went threw a creek bed and then a clunk and the car stopped ,got out and had a look and the rear tailshaft had fallen off,not one nut on the back of the gearbox.My mate and I got under and took a nut from the front drive shaft of mine and the front drive shaft of his (luckily he was also a true believer as well and had a disco as well) and got the tail shaft back on but if I didn,t have the tool box and another vehicle we would have been pretty well stuffed.Took it back to the establishment that changed the clutch and they said the nuts were definitely all tight etc etc ,but I've only ever seen a tailshaft come off one before in 43 years of driving and that because I got distracted when fitting it and forgot to tighten the bolts Has anyone else ever seen one fall off with tight nuts. We tried taking the complete shaft off and driving out with 2 wd but it wouldn't move ,could this be something to do with the traction sensors or something else ??????


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Re: rear drive shaft fell off.

Post by boobook on Tue 06 Oct 2015, 4:54 am

Geez bloke that was a good result from some very careless "mekanikin". Of course that bloke didn't tighten the bolts and you were very lucky it didn't happen on the highway.
Dropping off at speed, that tailshaft could have caused untold damage.
What model Disco? I have a S1 300tdi for general driving and find that the rear rubber donut is a bit of a wear item.
Other than that, 18yrs. of trouble free. Doesn't even mark its territory!

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Re: rear drive shaft fell off.

Post by Wedgetail on Tue 06 Oct 2015, 7:08 am

I was called out to a car on the UK motorway many years ago, where the tailshaft had fallen off the back of gearbox. The guy was dead. The tailshaft dropped off and dug in to the road. The arse end of the car went up, slammed down again. According to the police and the coroner, the whiplash broke his neck. At 70MPH that's understandable.

You were lucky you were travelling slow.

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Re: rear drive shaft fell off.

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