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7K compared to Elite

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7K compared to Elite

Post by oneday on Sun 11 Oct 2015, 3:20 pm

well with another trip to New Mexico Goldfield, I done a few comparisons with the 7K and a 5k teamed up with an Elite coil.

I can categorically tell u that the 7K was far superior and detected targets that the Elite coil didn't pick up.

The 7 was in extra deep or General most of the time and sensitivity would up usually past 18.
The 5K with the elite had the usual setting, Normal, RX at 14 target volume at 12 and a few other settings not far of FP.

People can find an argument with settings on both machines however that is what me offsider runs with and is happy with.

It goes to show me that I must go over ground that he has detected to b sure.

we got an oz of small gold be it didn't take too long and we detected at night--7 till about 10.30.

we hit the gold weight target and left the rest for next time. Plus it was 41c in the day and 27c at night and we are not driven by the fact of how much gold we find.

A few laughs, beers, a dog that is a complete idiot, who farts, snores, shits and pisses on just about everything he finds to cock his leg on. When he starts doing his 10m sprints be warned, if he mistimes his turns or slides out around u he will hurt u, as we have found out. His ass comes up and just about hits his chin when he gets a rush of absolute nutter but a good laugh.

so that was just a small comparison that I did to see if the elite was leaving anything or at least not seeing everything.


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Re: 7K compared to Elite

Post by goldfinger on Sun 11 Oct 2015, 4:18 pm

thanks for the comparison Ray, thats some good gold for the time mate, good effort. i wonder how the new elite 11 inch would go. still wouldn't beat the 7k im sure but it may of got some that the 14 inch missed although the elite 14 inch does ping even the smallest target. the main thing i think isnt i
the coils sensitivity to small targets but its sensitivity to small targets or large ones at depth.

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Re: 7K compared to Elite

Post by reefdog70 on Sun 11 Oct 2015, 8:18 pm

I will back you 100% with that statement Ray.

I bit the bullet and upgraded to the 7k after too many times where I was missing targets that my detecting partner was picking up with the 7k.

We have done a lot of messing around with settings, and spent many hours detecting together.

I held out as long as I could, but in the end the evidence was staring me in the face.

I still got the 5k with the elite still on it. I have had this coil on since they hit the shelf. Actually before they hit the shelf! I am not going to knock the Elite as its a Bloody Good coil.

No matter what coil you put on any GPX, it ain't gunna be a Zed! Sorry folks!

I am going to keep the 5k though, its got its place. There will be times when the Zed won't handle the ground, I realise that!

My misses is using it now and continuing the testing, although I havn't told her that!

Since upgrading I am more than impressed the 7k. The jar has way more in it and is a lot heavier! The holes are bigger and deeper also!

Just my opinion from what I have seen with my own eye's!



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Re: 7K compared to Elite

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