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nice specie

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nice specie

Post by oneday on Sat 31 Oct 2015, 8:25 pm

one of the lads came into the workshop last week with this nice specie and must admit it looks a treat.

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its still out there u just have to find it and get lucky as well.

I think a bit of drilling will be on the books next year as well.
Just gotta find some busted ass driller who likes looking for gold. lol! lol! lol!


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Re: nice specie

Post by Wedgetail on Sun 01 Nov 2015, 1:06 pm

If I found that I'd not be calling drillers in just yet. I'd be loaming with a dish looking for coarse, jagged gold in some quantity that can be appraised properly. That way, you'd find the reef or damn close to it before lashing out on drill rigs that often "miss" due to poor sampling done in a controlled manner.

It's fresh rock from what little I can see of the original surface and it's quite rough so that rock hasn't moved very far. So there's the first clue - it's not far away.

I can recommend Sam Cash book "Loaming for Gold" and a more contemporary method from Dr Bob Fagan of Kal School of Mines "Loaming For Gold In The 21st Century". That is an excellent and much quicker way to not only find a reef but also to evaluate if it will be an economic proposition AND from that what gear you'll need to get the best from it.

Bob Fagan's book is sold by Finders Keepers in Kal.

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