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boating flying foam passage

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boating flying foam passage

Post by oneday on Mon 25 Apr 2016, 4:42 pm

well thought we would do something different for the weekend and went boating because we can.

JD, the mrs and me. All organised in half an hour, couple of rods a bit of bait few bottles of water and a few coke Zeros to quench the thirst.
Long sleeve shirt and jeans with a detecting hat and a bit of slip slop slap on my feet and we were into it.

The water was glass and turtles bobbing around every where, which was good to see.

caught a heap of North west snapper and scarlet perch. All pan size and sweat to eat.

when we got back at the ramp at Withnel Bay I had to give this French girl a lending hand. If u r an atheist then trust me there is a god out there. Bugger me dead when I finally jumped out of the dingy to lend a hand, she was trying to control her jet ski then to my absolute amazement she was only wearing a very small pair of knickers not bikinins.
She must have been to the barbers befor she went out to do what ever they do on a jet ski. She definetly wasn't a tree hugger. I was like a dog on heat and I was trying like hell not to be obvious when u r confronted by a 20 odd year old who was as free as the wind and the mrs and a mate were behind me in the dingy telling me to go get the trailer and troopy... .

,I never did get a chance to ask her if she wanted to go gold prospecting..


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Re: boating flying foam passage

Post by nosralt on Mon 25 Apr 2016, 8:47 pm

So wheres the pics Ray !! lol!

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Re: boating flying foam passage

Post by Banjo on Mon 25 Apr 2016, 9:18 pm

It's always the way huh, when presented with an opportunity to give the good old optic nerves a good workout you can't because the other half is standing behind you.

The European girls seem to make do with what they have on at the time, we were walking at a popular mountain bike area and came across two young ladies speaking something other than English and one of them had to get off her bike and preceded to walk toward me, well she had what i think vaguely resembled a pair of shorts on or what was left of them on her outer body anyway affraid


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Re: boating flying foam passage

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