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Gday all from Aurum79

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Gday all from Aurum79

Post by Aurum79 on Thu 09 Apr 2015, 2:52 pm

Gday all,
My name is Frank. I have no experience in prospecting but have been researching the notion for the past 6 months now. I used to be an exploration driller and this is probably why it interests me. Also I have a huge passion for fishing which seems to have the same concepts as prospecting, find the ground and know how to read your its not that easy. I am grateful to the moderators for the site as reading it has been a big help. Anyhoo I wish all of you the best of luck.


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Re: Gday all from Aurum79

Post by oneday on Thu 09 Apr 2015, 2:56 pm

yeah Frank welcome

as a keen fisho I sure u can wrap a story around in the fishing section..


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Re: Gday all from Aurum79

Post by goldfinger on Thu 09 Apr 2015, 3:10 pm

hi Frank, welcome aboard. im a mad fisherman also but over the last few years I have spend more time out gold prospecting than fishing. living in northampton now so im getting down the beach a lot more and the fishing is great here. looking forward to your posts and believe me once you find the first bit of gold the rods tend to get a bit cob webby.

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Re: Gday all from Aurum79

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