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shielding the 7K

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shielding the 7K

Post by oneday on Fri 28 Aug 2015, 7:44 am

was wondering whether anyone has found a shield that fits above the coil to stop the field of detection from rising--would rather the field go downwards to zap any gold in the area.

just putting it out there.


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Re: shielding the 7K

Post by hugh62 on Sat 29 Aug 2015, 11:39 am

Yeah that's something I'd wondered about about too Ray for a long while ,for my 5000 coils .Even posted that query on the ,what is it again Ray ,the knitting club forum ?1 Razz  ages ago ,still waiting for a reply Shocked  .Months ago got xrayed and got given a tea towel size blanket to cover my groin ,and I thought at the time ,well if this little light weight cloth is supposed to protect me ,why couldn't this also ,or something similar help shield the top of a coil better  scratch

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