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GPZ 7000--were its at.

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GPZ 7000--were its at.

Post by Admin on Wed 25 Mar 2015, 5:17 pm

a lot of people ask me whether I reckon if the 7k is as good as the hype has people believing.
the short answer is YES.

There are a few misconceived perceptions:

The biggest problem is the cost and the weight.

If u cant afford one and if the weight factor is too heavy for u when u test it for a couple of hours then the 7k isn't for u---no matter what.

The other problem is the misguided concept that gold is going to jump out and knock the skid plate of the machine...if u walk over gold u will nail it.
But u have to walk over it to find it. The dam stuff isn't going to come leaping out of the ground a meter away from the coil at a depth of a meter plus.

one can only wish.

there have been some nice pieces found up my way and the major problem was the size and depth of the hole u have to sometimes dig to find the stuff.

as I have said previously--beg borrow or hire one for at least 4 hours to get a feel for the machine.

have fun digging out there.



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Re: GPZ 7000--were its at.

Post by goldfinger on Wed 25 Mar 2015, 8:08 pm

cheers ray, i will be looking at one a bit later this year. from what i hear its the antz pants for gold. do you have units to hire? i am hoping to get up there around august so will drop in and check it out then, just need to put a few oz in the jar to finance it. Very Happy


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Re: GPZ 7000--were its at.

Post by Banjo on Wed 25 Mar 2015, 8:27 pm

hello there affraid

nice to finally have a new home Very Happy

how is stock looking for after the 22nd of next month ?

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Re: GPZ 7000--were its at.

Post by Wedgetail on Thu 26 Mar 2015, 9:00 pm

Mine's going well so far,,,,,,,,,the battery charger works, the Pro-Swing harness seems to be a good thing, but it rubs on me neck, the coil is heavy but with that's just a matter of management, the WM12 module is a bit "fiddly" but great once it's set-up. If you use a 7000 without some kinda harness or support you're asking for problems. Pinpointing - I haven't had a problem yet, but the sweet spot is nowhere near where you'd find it with a mono or a DD coil. It seems to me to be behind the stem, almost at the rear periphery of the coil. It'd be no use trying to use the edge of this coil as a "target locator" in a hole. And you'd never get the back edge of the coil in the hole if it was a deep hole. It's not an "edge powerful" coil like a monoloop. Pinpointers or small coils on a cheap VLF maybe the order of the day, I reckon.

Which brings me to the topic for tonight,,,,,,,

That coil set up, with the way the coil wire comes out of the coil and up the stem, does not lend itself to skid mounting. Whilst not a necessity with a "little" 14 inch coil, it will be mandatory (!!!) with that 20 inch coil. So how do we set up a skid when the wire comes out so "unbendable" and yet the coil has to be mounted perpendicular to when you are swinging it, due the nature of 14 inch DoD coil?

Hmmmm,,,,,,,thinking, thinking, thinking.


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Re: GPZ 7000--were its at.

Post by Utbn on Fri 27 Mar 2015, 4:17 pm

I've done pretty good with the time I've had mine. Nearly 2 ozs pulled from very flogged out ground. It's very good on fine specimens as well as I've just found out.
It is a detector for certain ground by the looks also. Today I tried it out on salt affected gold ground and it struggled with any sort of optimum performance.
I found the ground could be tamed no probs but at a major detriment to zeds ability to ping targets. I got none here but did ok with the 5k.
But it's not too often Im in this type of ground so I'm not too fussed with that. Bring on a bigger coil minelab


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Re: GPZ 7000--were its at.

Post by Sponsored content

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